Confetti Teeth

Grizzled Mighty, The


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A Rock and Roll trio hailing from Seattle WA, with a tremendous live show and a sound that gives homage to the gritty musical history of the Pacific North-west; while seamlessly melding classic inspirations with modern psychedelia. Contagiously energetic, they rumble the stage with an undeniable swagger and hooks that dig in and stay with you long after the music fades. Extensively and relentless touring both nationally and internationally, The Grizzled Mighty unleashes with their 4th full length album “Confetti Teeth” on Freakout Records.

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Track Listings

1. Rewind
2. Sun Valley
3. I Don’t Really Mind It
4. Are You Ready To Know ?
5. Pretty Little Lies
6. What Happened To You ?
7. Lazy Suzan
8. My Little Ripper
9. Kill It With Fire
10. Loose Ties

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