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Emily Capell is a singer/songwriter from North West London with a story or ten to share. Raised on a diet of Johnny Cash, The Clash, The Smiths, Mod culture and the top 40, Emily’s approach to song writing is eclectic. Featuring a mixture of blues, indie, pop and punk. Her musical stylings draw from a pool deep and wide and is affectionately described as sounding like the adopted daughter of Jamie T and Billy Bragg, and a distant relative of The Clash and The Libertines.

She tells blues inflected indie pop tales of life’s frustrations and elations. Whether she’s railing against the wrongs of the world, getting a little frisky or inventing a new dance craze Emily will pull you in and spin you round so quickly you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with dull generic boys with guitars.

Emily states “I wouldn’t do music if it wasn’t for Joe Strummer, Joe was one of a kind in his song writing, performing and way of life. He could do all genres: rock, reggae, rap, ska, country, punk, everything! He never sold out either. His last gig was a benefit gig for the fire fighters, he wasn’t interested in money he was interested in music and people. Joe was the last true rock star, the definition of a legend. RIP my hero Joe!”

Emily has had her tracks played on stations including BBC 6Music, Radio X and BBC London. She has performed live at a multitude of venues and festivals across the country.

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Track Listings

  1. Walterton Road
  2. No Worries
  3. Pinching & Itching
  4. Bomes To The Beatles
  5. I’ve Found a Footballer To Marry Me
  6. Who Killed Smiley Cultuer ?
  7. Bonanza
  8. Ipso Calypso
  9. Joey
  10. Twisting On The Waves
  11. Lunatics On De Run
  12. Ode To Uncle Moz

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