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Recorded in a cabin near the Sawtooth Mountains, Trevor Powers’ Capricorn plays like a fairy tale or alien quest. Fragmented and full of grace, it serves as a meditation on the passage of time — existing both in the past and future. Capricorn paints a world of melancholia and unsettling beauty. Powers’ field recordings, classical motifs, and software sculptures don’t stop time; they examine it like a beetle under a microscope — exposing that the extraordinary is often hidden in plain sight. “From the minute we wake up, we’re in a trance,” he says. “This is music for our digital coma.”

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Track Listings

  1. First Rain
  2. Earth To Earth
  3. The Riverine
  4. A New Name
  5. Ghosts of Shanghai
  6. Blue Savior
  7. Pest
  8. 2166

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