But That Is Me

Mandy More


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  • Genre: Rock And Pop
  • Label: Sunbeam
  • Released Date: 30th July 2010
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    180g 2LP Gatefold Sleeve

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Few Sunbeam releases have been received as enthusiastically as this lost pop classic, originally released without fanfare in the UK in June 1972. Gorgeously melodic and sung with power and emotion, it has developed a devoted following. This deluxe double LP reissue features the original album as well as 15 bonus tracks, including her five non-LP single sides and numerous alternative takes and demos from the time. The gatefold sleeve tells Mandy’s story for the first time, accompanied by previously unseen photographs and a lyric insert, making it a truly essential package for all fans of classic singer-songwriting.

‘The definitive edition of a long lost treasure that’s highly recommended’ – Ptolemaic Terrascope

‘If you’re down and troubled, need a helping hand or just want a damn good listening experience, this album is absolutely essential. It’s a complete mystery as to how it has been under the radar for so long’ – Shindig

‘Beautifully recorded and arranged, But That Is Me combines 11 intense, melodic original compositions with a truly outstanding cover of God Only Knows. Her songs convey a powerful sense of emotional longing and loss, with cryptic lyrics that are resigned but never maudlin. The material spans gorgeous pop, existential ballads and even experimental rock on the extraordinary If Not By Fire’ – Galactic Ramble

‘Her mind-blowing If Not By Fire appeared on [the Saint Etienne-compiled] The Trip. It’s from an album called But That Is Me, which includes a great cover of God Only Knows, an almost impossible feat! She did a few equally intriguing non-album singles, including Coffee Cups, which is very proto Kate Bush. Most of the album is, too’ – Bob Stanley, Saint Etienne

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Track Listings

Side One
1. But That Is Me
2. Listen Babe
3. For To Find The Daffodil
4. Fine
5. Harvey Muscletoe
6. Come With Me To Jesus

Side Two
1. If Not By Fire
2. Alone In My Yellow
3. Matthew Brought Me Flowers
4. If I Smiled On Saturday
5. I’m Too Tall To Cry
6. God Only Knows

Side Three
1. San Francisco Sam
2. Coffee Cups
3. Every Mother’s Child
4. Blue Seasons
5. Rose-Coloured Window
6. The Camera Man (demo)
7. Listen Babe (demo)
8. Come With Me To Jesus (alt. take)

Side Four
1. If Not By Fire (demo)
2. If Not By Fire (alt. take 2)
3. Alone In My Yellow (demo)
4. God Only Knows (alt. take)
5. Share The Secrets Of My Song (demo)
6. I Promise I Love You (demo)
7. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (demo)

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