Broken Brights

Angus Stone

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“Recording this album has been a very different experience for me. It was an opportunity be a little more loose and have a bit more fun,” says Stone. “Recording with Julia is cool but we both have our hands on the wheel. This was an opportunity to grab the wheel and do some burn-outs.”

‘Broken Brights’ marks a departure for Stone, and not just from recording with his long-term musical co-conspirator Julia. The album, produced by Angus, is also proof that he can deftly shift between genres without compromising his signature sound. While title track ‘Broken Brights’ is a return-to-form for Stone — it’s a nostalgic, dreamy tribute to our youth — ‘Bird On the Buffalo’ is a livelier composition, incorporating distorted guitar riffs, which also make an appearance in the notably rockier ‘It Was Blue’. That string-laden track in particular is proof that his compositional skills transcend the preconceptions you might have about his musical style.

In the recording process, Stone has captured memories and imaginings from his pilgrimage around the planet. What he says about going solo could easily sum up the experience of listening to ‘Broken Brights’: “It’s a whole different trip.”

After six years of touring and recording as one half of Australia’s award winning duo Angus & Julia Stone, Angus Stone is embarking on a new journey.

Broken Brights, his latest solo outing and due for release on July 16th, is, he says, “my most personal work to date”. This album holds an essence that I’ve been searching for, for a long time.” This personal journey became a geographical one too – the album was recorded in a variety of locations; a rustic dwelling in the Swiss Alps, along Australia’s coastline, in a log cabin in the lush Indian countryside.

Current single Bird On The Buffalo is reflective of the introspective songwriting and themes that inspire this latest collection. Written on the road in Europe it muses on the nature of the symbiotic relationship between the bird and the buffalo – a lively composition featuring distorted guitar riffs.

While title track Broken Brights is a nostalgic, dreamy tribute to our youth, It Was Blue takes a notably rockier route. That track in particular is proof that Stone’s compositional skills transcend the preconceptions you might have about his musical style.

Fittingly, there’s a story behind each and every track on the album. ‘Wooden Chair’ was inspired by the melody from the Angus & Julia track of the same name, which Stone felt needed to be revisited and brought to life in a new way.

“I’m excited to let go of it all,” Stone says of the album. “For the people that have listened to Julia and I play for so long, I’m looking forward to handing it over to them so that they can create their own worlds & experiences.”

In partnership with his sister Julia, Stone has sold close to a million records and sold out venues including London’s Festival Hall. What he has captured in the recording process for Broken Brights is this: memories and imaginings from his pilgrimage around the planet. Of his latest solo outing he says “It’s a whole different trip.”

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Track Listings

1. River Love
2. Broken Brights
3. Bird on the Buffalo
4. Wooden Chair
5. The Blue Door
6. Apprentice of the Rocket Man
7. Only a Woman
8. The Wolf & the Butler
9. Monsters
10. It Was Blue
11. Be What You Be
12. Clouds Above
13. End of the World

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