Breaking With Habits

And The Golden Choir

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And The Golden Choir, that’s pop music inspired by experimental electronica, indie rock, gospel, avantgarde and orchestral sounds created with a wide range of instruments. Tobias Siebert’s new album continues what started with his acclaimed 2015 debut Another Half Life but choses a different path. Still, his little masterpieces emerge from his Berlin-Kreuzberg studio where gear piles up and candles light the room at night when electric light would just be too glaring. The sparkling pop song Air Fire Water starts with wind chimes representing the elements. You can hear Siebert’s love for Dead Can Dance and influences of traditional Bulgarian chants in the mysterious The Garden. The song The Clocks is a swansong to the countless clocks ticking in his parents’ home, a dark marimba-driven piece on time and urge. Maybe Breaking With Habits is like a special kind of world music, speaking to us from a very distinct place of warmth and elegance, where quiet ghosts are haunting us just faintly.

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Track Listings

1 The Jewelry
2 The Garden
3 Into The Ocean
4 My Lies
5 Clocks
6 The Queen Of Snow
7 Air Fire Water
8 Joker
9 How To Conquer A Land
10 The Rain
11 The Distressed Jeans

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