Bloody Winter

Les Becasses


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8 x 2 minute bursts of French femme-melody surfing a wave of razor-pop energy. A riposte to Brexit, Blang’s first step into Europe. 12″ vinyl (inner sleeve w lyrics). A typical Les Becasses song is a two minute rush of female melodies surfing a wave of razor-pop energy. From the French underground squat circuit, Paris-based Marion (vox, guitar), Christophe (bass) and Aurelie (drums/bvs) visited England for a mini-tour in 2019 where they met the Blang label. In a riposte to Brexit, Blang’s first release in 2021 is their first step into Europe. “Bloody Winter” is an eight track mini-album clocking in at twenty minutes. The band work in hospitals and care services in Paris. They know it’s going to be a long winter. This record makes us look forward longingly to bloody loud live gigs again where we can jump around to songs like this. Ne dites pas au revoir, crier bonjour! “swinging between angry pop and hesitant punk” (Agora Frog)

“reminds me of the Olympia/Portland scene eg Bratmobile, Sleater Kinney” (Radparty Onligne)

“scratched riffs…surfing patterns… no frills or marketing attitudes” (Furia Sound)

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Track Listings

  1. Moscow Nights
  2. Insubordination
  3. Bloody Winter
  4. Drifting Away
  5. The Late Show
  6. Johnny's Got A Gun
  7. Forward Crash
  8. Sunday's Eye

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