Beautiful & Damned

Underground Youth, The

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Relentless and hyper-prolific Craig Dyer, poète maudit from the Manchester underground, continues his incessant musical journey through the realms of Rock & Roll and literature with Beautiful & Damned. A homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald, the 4 track EP of The Underground Youth confirms Dyer’s obsession for the darkest side of literature and poetry of the last two centuries, as well as his proud never-give-up / we-don’t-give-a-f**k DIY approach. Since 2009, The Underground Youth have made the unique achievement of producing an impressive and extensive catalogue of beautifully home-crafted EPs and LPs, putting them out on limited edition vinyl and gaining a dedicated cult following from all sides of the globe. Rigorously recorded in their home-studio with the help of producer James Shillito in early 2014, Beautiful & Damned is a preview to their new LP. It is the first TUY material featuring synth and electronic equipment. It also represents a significant shift to a much darker sound and lyrical content, as anticipated by their first single/video Naked, a perfect encounter between the atmospheres of the Cocteau Twins and the early Creation sound

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Track Listings

1. Behind
2. Damned
3. Naked
4. Shadow

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