Beat The Devil’s Tattoo

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


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Having been joined by drummer Leah Shapiro of The Raveonettes, San Francisco rockers Black Rebel Motorcycle Club follow-up to 2008’s instrumental and experimental record ‘The Effects Of 333’. Returning to the melodic country gospel of ‘Howl’ (2005), while also referring heavily to their self-titled 2001 debut’s hard-hitting sound, ‘Beat The Devil’s Tattoo’ is a powerful record full of fuzzy bass and guitar swagger. Peter Hayes and Robert Been sound as determined and relentless as ever. The US import vinyl contains a bonus track “Annabell Lee”, which does not appear on the CD version.

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Track Listings

1. Beat The Devil's Tattoo
2. Conscience Killer
3. Bad Blood
4. War Machine
5. Sweet Feeling
6. Evol
7. Mama Taught Me Better
8. River Styx
9. Toll, The
10. Aya
11. Shadow's Keeper
12. Long Way Down
13. Half-State

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