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Little Roy


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Little Roy was born in Witfield Town, Kingston, Jamaica. He launched his career in the rocksteady age, recording singles for Coxone Dodd, Prince Buster and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, who brought in The Wailers to help out on the session.

‘Battle For Seattle’ is ten Nirvana songs covered by Little Roy in a reggae style, picked carefully from Nirvana’s four studio albums and singles. The timing of the release coincides with the 20 year anniversary of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’, which was released in September 1991.

Little Roy is a legend in the reggae scene and described as “one of the great singers from Jamaican music’s classic era in the 1960s and 70s”.

The Nirvana songs have been carefully chosen and adapted with the world’s best reggae players by producer Prince Fatty including Wailers guitarist Junior Marvin.

‘Battle For Seattle’ has had the thumbs-up from the original Nirvana camp and from many of their friends.

The cover artwork comes from Charles Peterson, the man responsible for Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’ album cover shot, who helped define the look of Sub Pop and Seattle internationally.

Debut 7” single ‘Sliver’ / ’Dive’ sold out due to exceptional demand in the UK, US and even South America. Nirvana featured the YouTube link on their own Facebook site, which has 12.5 million fans.

‘Battle For Seattle’ is an album that will appeal to rock and reggae fans. Nirvana fans find Little Roy’s versions a new, fresh take on the songs they know so well, and a great chance to hear Kurt’s lyrics sung more clearly. It’s a great crossover of genres. Reggae has a history of covering well known songs (see Lovers Rock) but Nirvana has never been attempted. Until now!

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Track Listings

Heart-Shaped Box
Very Ape
Come As You Are
On A Plain
About A Girl
Son Of A Gun

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