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Primarily consisting of Yuki Chikudate (vocals, keyboards) and James Hanna (guitar, vocals), Asobi Seksu(Japanese for “playful sex”) was a shoegaze/dream pop band based in New York City whose music was built around a textured and effects-heavy vocal/guitar sound. Blending pop sensibilities and poignant moments of melancholia with unexpected sonic explosions, their eponymous 2002 debut Asobi Seksu is chock full of rhythmic precision and saturated ethereal melodies. They drew comparisons to My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins and Lush and issued three more albums including Citrus (2006), Hush (2009) and Fluorescence (2011).

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Track Listings

  1. I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me
  2. Sooner
  3. Umi De No Jisatsu
  4. Walk On The Moon
  5. Let Them Wait
  6. Taiyo
  7. It's Too Late
  8. End At The Beginning
  9. Asobi Masho
  10. Stay
  11. Before We Fall

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