Ascenseur Pour L’Echafaud

Miles Davis

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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Label: Decca France
  • Released Date: 8th June 2018
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Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud is a 1958 French film directed by Louis Malle. It was released as “Lift to the Scaffold” in the UK. The film was nothing special, but it did accomplish one thing: it proposed a new ideal of cinematic realism, a new way to look at a woman. Jean-Paul Rappeneau, a jazz fan and Malle’s assistant at the time, suggested asking Miles Davis to create the film’s Soundtrack. He showed Davis a screening of the movie, and afterwards Miles knew exactly how to portray the smoky hazed or frantic scenes through sonic imagery. On December 4 1957, he brought four French Jazzmen (Barney Wilen / tenor saxophone, René Urtreger / piano, Pierre Michelot – bass and Kenny Clarke – drums) to the recording studio “Le Poste Parisien Studio” without having them prepare anything. Davis only gave the musicians a few rudimentary harmonic sequences he had assembled in his hotel room. Eventually “Ascenseur Pour L’échafaud” has become a great achievement of artistic excellence.

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Track Listings

L'Assassinat De Carala
Sur L'Autoroute
Julien Dans L'Ascenseur
Florence Sur Les Champs-Élysees
Dîner Au Motel
Évasion De Julien
Visite Du Vigile
Au Bar Du Petit Bac
Chez Le Photographe Du Mot
Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (TAKE 1)
Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (TAKE 2)
Nuit Sur Les Champs-Élysées (TAKE 3)
Nuit Sur Les Champs Elysees (TAKE 4)
Assassinat Visite Du Vigil
Assassinat Julien Dans L'ascenseur
Assassinat L'Assassinat De Carala
Final (TAKE 1)
Final (TAKE 2)
Final (TAKE 3)
Le Petit Bal (TAKE 1)
Le Petit Bal (TAKE 2)
Séquence Voiture (TAKE 1)
Sequence Voiture Sur L'Aut (TAKE 2)

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