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As I Call You Down

Fistful Of Mercy


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What started off as a casual friendship established while skating the streets of Santa Monica, quickly transcended into Ben Harper, Dhani Harrison and Joseph Arthur’s newest musical venture, Fistful Of Mercy.
The trio formed in early 2010 and wasted little time before laying down tracks for what would become the band’s debut full-length entitled, As I Call You Down.
With a musical career spanning over nearly two decades and having ten albums and two Grammy awards under his belt, Ben Harper is no stranger to the music world. Having met FOM band-mate Dhani Harrison while skating, the two were unaware of each other’s background in the industry for months. Once realized, collaborating seemed to make perfect sense and thus Fistful Of Mercy was formed instantly.

Written, produced and recorded in Harper’s studio, As I Call You Down is comprised of nine songs complete with soulful harmonies and blues-infused folk guitar seamlessly blended with an indie rock backbone. As I Call You Down effortlessly crosses through genre defining borders and is sure to please fans of both Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison’s previous work, while welcoming new listeners with open arms!

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