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Fishboy is a Denton, TX indie rock band with an unhealthy love of power pop and narrative songwriting. Founded in 2001 by native Texan Eric Michener, the group has released a handful of story based albums, EPs, and 7” records that are often accompanied with comics drawn by Michener. In 2017 Fishboy will release Art Guards: a 31 minute album made of nine lyrically interconnected songs about artists making stu¬, with varying results. Songs about a soon to be hall-of-famer ruined by his hatred of the wave (Ex-Pitcher), A fast food critic trapped in his job (Fast Foodie), An Aspiring Lighting Technician and her dad a Former Performance Artist, a relationship between a fake doctor (Actor Doctor)and a fake nurse (Researching Writer) and more come together in the album’s ninth and nal track (Final Frontman.) Though the synopsis may sound a bit over complicated, at their heart, the songs attempt to tackle the awkwardness and purpose behind why we create.

For fans of the Mountain Goats.

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Track Listings

1. Ex-Pitcher
2. Fast Foodie
3. Art Guard
4. Former Performance Artist
5. Researching Writer
6. Aspiring Lighting Technician
7. Actor Doctor
8. Popular Photographer
9. Final Frontman

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