Anywhere But Here

Ataris, The

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The Ataris arrived on the pop-punk scene in an “emo”-tional way with Anywhere but Here. Echoing the likes of Green Day, the Ramones, and the Vandals (whose guitarist Warren Fitzgerald produced the album, and whose founder, Joe Escalante, signed them to Kung Fu), the Ataris put an upbeat spin on their social instabilities. Kris Rowe sings of young love gone amok over catchy, bouncy pop-punk in album that’s more raw and pure than later recordings. Recording 20 tracks showed the Ataris weren’t afraid to take chances, like covering the infectious “Boxcar” by vaunted Jawbreaker. ~ Ron DePasquale

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Track Listings

1. Bite My Tongue
2. Make It Last
3. Clara
4. As We Speak
5. Blind and Unkind
6. Take Me Back
7. Lately
8. Let It Go
9. Alone in Santa Cruz
10. Boxcar
11. Are We There Yet?
12. Anderson
13. Neil House
14. Perfectly Happy
15. Myself
16. Four Chord Wonder
17. Hey Kid!
18. Sleepy
19. Angry Nerd Rock
20. 1-2-3-4
21. Ray...

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