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Anticipation, the first album of gorgeous duets by young gun guitarists Cameron Knowler and Eli Winter, documents a musical juncture between desert and city, Chicago and the Southwest, folk traditions and American avant-garde.

Knowler, 24, came to guitar through an obsession with Norman Blake, teaching himself over years of practice sessions 12 to 16 hours long; he’s honed a measured approach to the guitar informed by wide ranging folk cultures and desert silence. At 23, Winter (named an artist to watch by The Guardian and ‘generational talent” by NYCTaper) has developed a moving command like that of inspirations Daniel Bachman and Jack Rose.

On Anticipation, the pair play outside of their comfort zones, building a new vocabulary of playing. ‘Strawberry Milk” sets the tone: sweet, inquisitive, daring. The result? A record experimental, learned, eager and uniquely their own, further establishing Knowler and Winter as musicians to watch.

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Track Listings

  1. Strawberry Milk
  2. And So I Did
  3. Cumberland Application
  4. Sippin’ Amaretto
  5. Parapraxis of a Dragonfly
  6. Caddo Lake
  7. A White Rose for Mark
  8. Southern Filibuster

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