All The Ways You Let Me Down

Candy Hearts


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Candy Heart’s highly anticipated follow up to their critically acclaimed Violently Happy Records debut, The Best Ways To Disappear.

All The Ways You Let Me Down was recorded with Chad Gilbert and Paul Miner in Los Angeles, CA, and is the followup to Candy Hearts’ The Best Ways To Disappear EP which was released in late 2012 on the same label collaboration. The EP was praised by publications like Alternative Press, Big Cheese, AbsolutePunk and MTV Buzzworthy, and this new full-length is sure to please any fan of Candy Hearts’ previous work and any fan of pop-punk persuasion.

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Track Listings

1. I Miss You
2. The Dream's Not Dead
3. The One To Get Me Out
4. All The Ways You Let Me Down
5. Michigan
6. Coffee With My Friends
7. Fool's Gold
8. Somethings Missing
9. Brooklyn Bridge
10. Playing With Fire
11. Top Of Our Lungs

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