A Crow Left of the Murder



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Music On Vinyl proudly presents no less than FIVE Incubus albums on 180 gram vinyl! Starting off with their second full length S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (1997) all the way to their 2006 offering Light Grenades,
this batch spans the heyday of this seminal Alt-Rock band. Merging Nu-Metal grooves with Funk, Rock and Hip Hop, Incubus carved their own musical niche and earned a huge following by tireless touring and releasing ever-improving quality albums. Their Southern Californian vibe resonated with fans all over the world, highlighted on Double Platinum album Make Yourself (with the radio hit “Drive”), the Incubus essential Morning View (“Wish You Were Here”, “Nice To Know You”) and its follow-up A Crow Left Of The Murder (“Megalomaniac”).

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Track Listings

Side A
1. Megalomaniac
2. A Crow Left Of The Murder
3. Agoraphobia
4. Talk Shows On Mute

Side B
1. Beware! Criminal
2. Sick Sad Little World
3. Pistola

Side C
1. Southern Girl
2. Priceless
3. Zee Deveel
4. Made For TV Movie

Side D
1. Smile Lines
2. Here In My Room
3. Leech

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