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Music On Hold


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Debut LP from singer-songwriter/musician Emile Cartron-Eldin after a series of self-released cassette classics that displayed his great promise.

Music on Hold deliver an LP of “only the hits” in updated graphics and sound- bite studio wizardry… It’s the shinning neon-colour video game classic you never played in your youth in the arcades.

When you decide to get a degree at university, like chief songwriter Emile Cartron-Eldin. Music goes on hold. When you don’t have enough dollars for that expensive reissued LP, the record store puts it on hold behind the counter. This is Music On Hold: Music to hold onto, to cherish and adore, right here right now.

The project once a solo affair is now a power-trio featuring funky starship troopers Guillaume Mobstaire and beloved cult-hero Mathis (Police Control, Skategang) in the shuttle. And as they blast off into cyberspace they toss this their first greatest hits out of the cockpit and into your hands.

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Track Listings

  1. Adam’s War
  2. No Igel Dares
  3. A Thousand Eyes
  4. Wow & Flutter
  5. Top of The Bridge
  6. Line The Walls
  7. Bread
  8. Water
  9. K.A.O.
  10. Gary Manders

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