Matt Flag's Punk, Indie & Alternative Round Up.

Matt Flag mainly listens to indie, college rock, emo and other genres that dress in plaid shirts. He occasionally breaks cover and really likes outrageously poppy things. He is a child of the 80s and a teenager of the 90s so all of the above is explained by Nirvana and Belinda Carlisle being equal influences on his formulative years. He can mostly be found looking moody in the dark gig venues of South Wales.

Click into the albums and give your ears a treat by listening to the songs I've embedded from YouTube!!

Kerbdog. Saw them in my Uni bar in Portsmouth in about 1997. I think they were really good. Irish. Not listened to it in years so apologies if I've got this wrong. Mexican Wave is a banger though.

Katy J Pearson. This was recommended to me by a friend a few days ago and it's marvellous. Think a lovely mix of Stevie Nicks, Laura Veirs and a bit of Belinda Carlisle. Folky poppy joy.

Young Marble Giants. Cardiff's answer to Joy Division I guess. But better. Made less albums too. Just this one. This version has a bunch of bonus stuff on it and is great.

Floodlights. Australian. Fairly distinctive voice. Jangly indie rock. The guitar sound reminds me a bit of Lemonheads or The Replacements. It's less ramshackle than that though.